SSM’s unique services

Distribution on Wednesdays

Door-drops on Wednesdays activate consumers towards the end of the week. Direct mail gets consumers looking for products or services on the move. Normally sales peaks follow a clear pattern that correlates with the distribution dates. Local papers and campaigns with special offers reach approximately 4 million readers every week. In fact, people actually expect to get direct mail from us.

Select an area according to district or postcode

We recommend you direct your unaddressed direct mail to an area where your potential customers live. Because we’ve divided the entire country into smaller districts, the selection of a target area is however made easy for you.

Simple and reliable service

Happy customers are extremely important to us. We offer our clients a personal service both locally and nationally. Our services are fast and flexible.

From idea to mailbox

Valmissuora is a service package containing everything you need. We handle targeting, planning, design, print, distribution and follow-up analysis. This does not mean we have to do everything, we’re happy for you to take care of as many or as few duties as you wish. We are here to help you according to your specific needs and wishes. Just give us a call and let’s get planning your campaign.