Jakelu-Ässät Oy 

Jakelu-Ässät Oy was founded in 1986 and specialises in unaddressed direct mail.

We operate in the area that begins at Southern Kauhajoki and stretches all the way to Alahärmä. Through us, you reach 60.000 households, which is approximately 130.000 potential clients twice a week, each Wednesday and Saturday. We employ approximately 170 distributors to do the door-drops in our area.


Alajärvi, Alavus, Ilmajoki, Jalasjärvi, Kauhajoki, Kauhava, Kuortane, Kurikka, Lappajärvi, Lapua, Seinäjoki, Soini, Vimpeli, Ähtäri


Oppipojantie 5, 60100 Seinäjoki, FINLAND

Tel. +358 44-036 9450


All emails look like this: name.surname@suoramainonta.fi